As the sheet piling is driven and the ground cleared for building, preparations for the construction of the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub (ALC) have started in earnest. The ALC will open its doors in 2021 in the Amsterdam port area, ushering in a new, emissions-free logistics concept for the city. Its construction is the ALC’s response to the demand for smart, electric and bundled transport of goods to Amsterdam city centre. This is in the light of the target for deliveries into Amsterdam to be fully CO2-neutral by 2030. Goods vehicles with diesel and petrol engines will no longer be permitted to enter the city.

The location of the ALC building with its sites on the Ankerweg is strategically very favourable. The 125,000 m2 of warehousing space, 10,000 m2 of offices and 1,600 parking spaces are less than 7 minutes from the A10 ring road. Its location on the Noordzeekanaal will also allow for goods to be delivered to the centre of the city by water and enable return flows out of the city. The entire building will benefit from 24/7 surveillance, including the car park levels that provide a solution for employees travelling into the city for the day. They will then be able to use a cleaner mode of transport, potentially shared with others, or public transport for their onward journey. In addition to warehousing, parking and office space, the building will also incorporate a large restaurant and eco-friendly rooftop garden with greenhouses.

The first pile of the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will be driven in October of this year. You can find further information on the website:, where you can also subscribe to the newsletter.

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