Emission-free freight transport through the canals one step closer

Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub sees great opportunities in making future city centre distribution and supply emission-free. The heart of the city has an extensive network of canals and rivers that can greatly reduce the pressure on the road network in the city. Get rid of the throbbing delivery vans, instead hauling freight with quiet, newly developed […]

June 2020 – Site preparation completed

In December 2018, we started the demolition and dismantling work of the former factory and all buildings on the ALC site. There is nothing left that reminds of the earlier constructions. The entire site has now been prepared for construction and in profile for the new construction of Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub. At the moment, the […]

1700 new, emission-free parking spaces in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, March 2020 – Amsterdam sets the bar high; in 2030 it’ll be the very first city in the world that’s completely emission-free. In addition to electric driving, emission-free transport and smart delivery, the number of parking spaces within the ring will be considerably cut. In five years there will already be 10,000 less parking […]

Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub at Logistiek Vastgoed 2020

On February 11th, 2020, the 5th edition of the well-attended top event for logistics real estate decisionmakers from SPRYG Real Estate Academy took place. The most important logistics hotspots and leading stakeholders shared their visions, ambitions and especially plans with the public. In addition, challenges such as the “drowning out” of the Netherlands, the Nitrogen […]