Amsterdam, March 2020 – Amsterdam sets the bar high; in 2030 it’ll be the very first city in the world that’s completely emission-free. In addition to electric driving, emission-free transport and smart delivery, the number of parking spaces within the ring will be considerably cut. In five years there will already be 10,000 less parking spaces in the center of Amsterdam. In order to be able to make mobility to and from the city center more sustainable, the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub (ALC), which will open next year, is already joining forces with ParkBee. This scale-up in the field of innovative exploitation of parking space means that motorists will soon be able to easily reserve one of ALC’s 1,700 parking spaces or park directly with parking apps such as Parkmobile and Yellowbrick.

For transporters, employees and visitors of the city of Amsterdam it’s not getting easier to reach the city with their vehicle, let alone find a parking space. The new circular logistics center in the port area of ​​Amsterdam, ALC, not only offers a sustainable solution for the increasing logistical burden on the city, but also meets the growing shortage of parking spaces. In the future, people can park their cars in the 1,700 parking places in the 24/7 open and secure logistics center. From the parking lot they are taken to and from the city by electric boat or other emission-free transport.

Smart parking ParkBee provides smart tools and the automation of the parking area, so drivers can easily use one of the parking spaces in ALC. Wouter Moll, project director of ALC: “The partnership with ParkBee gives us the opportunity to turn the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub into a smart people hub. It has been the solution since 2021 to get traffic-free and emission-free in the city. ”

Rutger Schuur of ParkBee adds: “It’s very sensible to spend all parking space as efficiently as possible from the start. With our digital and integrated solution, we make it possible to make optimal use of the 1,700 parking spaces and to make the city accessible to people. Motorists know in advance whether there’s a place at ALC and what time they can actually park there. We offer our platform for this. ”

About ALC Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will be a sustainable building for storage and distribution with 125,000 m2 of storage space and more than 10,000 m2 of office space in the port of Amsterdam. The center is being developed by Larendael Investments. It’s located directly on the North Sea Canal and is easily accessible from the A10 and S101. The city center of Amsterdam is a seven-minute boat ride away and the Amsterdam highway is one kilometer away. ALC is being developed in collaboration with Port of Amsterdam, the Municipality of Amsterdam, Rijkswaterstaat and Beelen Next. Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub will be fully operational by the end of 2021.

About ParkBee ParkBee improves the parking industry with smart technology. ParkBee works as a B2B platform and has partnerships with Parkmobile, Park-line, ParkNow, RingGo and Yellowbrick. People can also find a free parking space via the ParkBee web portal and make a reservation for a specific period of time. This makes parking more efficient and companies and individuals can share parking space. Searching and driving around to find a parking space is limited and the use of parking garages is encouraged. This way, parking on the street can also be reduced. Figures from the company show that in 2019, measured over 24 hours, only 15% of the parking space in public garages was actually used. ParkBee is currently active in two countries (the Netherlands and the UK) and at 195 locations in 46 cities.

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