Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub sees great opportunities in making future city centre distribution and supply emission-free. The heart of the city has an extensive network of canals and rivers that can greatly reduce the pressure on the road network in the city. Get rid of the throbbing delivery vans, instead hauling freight with quiet, newly developed electric supply ships. These emission-free and electrically powered Canal Cruisers are optimized in length, width and height for the canal network and can be used for the transport of goods, but also people. Goods and people enter the city by water from the city hub and on the way back, return goods and even waste leave the city again. The flexible seats can be easily folded away to make room for packages and pallets. A small crane or lifting platform on the boat can easily put the goods ashore at the delivery location.

The technical design of the Canal Cruiser has now been completed and so-called sputpiles have been included in the design, with which the boat can anchor itself to the bottom of the canal. This prevents the delicate quays of the Amsterdam canals from being loaded during loading and unloading. It is currently being examined whether the Canal Cruiser can also be powered with hydrogen in the future.

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