In the port of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is under construction: the Netherlands’ first XXL multi-storey logistics city hub. With a new view on city logistics, this is an inspiring place to pioneer and innovate, also on a social level. The homebase of Social Boat can be found here. This is an initiative of TalentHub Amsterdam, which gives people at a distance from the labor market the chance to work on their future. At Social Boat, the focus is on the socially responsible construction, maintenance and rental of electric boats. Circularity and inclusiveness play an important role.

Sustainability and social impact

Upon completion, Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub (ALC) will be one of the most sustainable logistics facilities in the Netherlands. Not only is the city hub designed to facilitate clean logistics to and from our capital city, the construction is also being done as sustainably as possible with a focus on circular and CO2 neutral. In addition, ALC is committed to the city of Amsterdam, its surroundings and the people who live there. “Sustainability is one of our spearheads. We are literally building the future here. We can also make a social impact by supporting a great initiative like Social Boat,” says Wim Beelen, entrepreneur and creator of ALC.

Building a future full of opportunities

“Many companies talk about social impact. Wim Beelen has been showing it in practice for two years by offering space to TalentHub on the site where ALC is being built,” says Martin van Baekel of TalentHub Amsterdam. With support from the City of Amsterdam, the TalentHub connects companies to people who cannot (yet) find their way. Regardless of background, education or experience, people are invited and challenged to work on their talent through an apprenticeship. The work they do has a circular and connecting character. Social Boat is one of the activities of TalentHub Amsterdam. Here, working together above all means developing together. “ALC is an inspiring place to build a future full of opportunities.”

Working together, developing together

In a shed transformed into a homebase, forty Social Boat ‘crew members’ work on their development every year. In addition to building and maintaining wooden boats – from which the initiative takes its name – they also take on projects for ALC. For example: in collaboration with the landscaper, the crew members developed a concept for the roof garden and catering, in which circularity is central. Think of furniture made of recycled materials and tomatoes grown in the roof garden. The contractor is being supported during construction, for example in the making of signposts on the plot.

About Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub

Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is the Netherlands’ first XXL multi-storey logistics city hub. Designed to shorten the last mile to and from Amsterdam, ALC will address the increasing congestion and lack of space in and around our capital city. With over 220,000 m2 of sustainable total solutions, the facility offers its users all the space they need to operate and grow. With its unique location directly connected to the North Sea Canal and the A10 ring road, the city hub offers new forms of 100% emission-free transport over land and water. For maximum sustainability, solar panels and wind turbines will be installed on the site. ALC will be completed in Q3 2022.

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About Social Boat

Social Boat is an activity of TalentHub Amsterdam, which is an initiative of Level 5. Level 5 connects innovative ideas and circular concepts to people and organizations who want to develop themselves. This leads to sustainable jobs. We believe that every person is of value and that it is important to link the discovery and development of this value to economic prospects. This creates reciprocal and thus sustainable value for people and society. More about Level 5:

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