Logistics Strategy Amsterdam: reducing the impact of logistics

In the coming months the municipality of Amsterdam will prepare the Logistics Strategy. With this, the municipality meets the desire of the business community for a coherent, consistent overview of the logistics transformation that will take place in the coming period to reduce the impact of logistics.

Joint strategy


The Logistics Strategy will set out the framework within which the transformation will take place. The possible consequences of choices will also be mapped out, for example the number of vessels and vehicles permitted in the city and how this is related to regional developments. The strategy will be drawn up in consultation with the transport region, the metropolitan region and the province. 


Talks with businesses


Discussions are also being held with the business community. Possible additional measures arising from this are further explored and possibly included in the strategy. Topics suggested by the business community include locally extending delivery window times, allowing vehicles longer than the 10 meters currently allowed in the 7.5t zone (outside the former cargo routes), placing mobile parcel hubs at parking lots and realizing the necessary charging infrastructure. 


Sharing knowledge for clean logistics


Municipality and companies are gaining a lot of knowledge and experience with traffic-safe, clean, light and efficient logistics. By sharing this knowledge, the municipality is helping parties who are considering the best way to organize their logistics. Examples include vessel and vehicle innovations, pilots with joint delivery and the digital sharing of information and data that are being carried out as part of the Agenda Amsterdam Autoluw (2020) and De Digitale Gracht (The Digital Moat). 


ALC: smart bundling of packages


When it comes to clean and efficient logistics, Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub is leading the way. The city hub facilitates sustainable collaborations between its users. By smartly bundling packages with fellow users, companies can reduce the number of traffic operations to and from the inner city center. Fewer trucks, buses and boats mean less logistical impact.


Looking for ways to smarten up your logistics and make it more sustainable? Contact us for the possibilities.



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