Amsterdam car-free through water transport: additional loading and unloading locations

In order to make the city of Amsterdam more car-free, the city council adopted the Sailing Memorandum Part 2 on 20 May 2020. This includes measures to stimulate (goods) transport by water. 


Transport by water

Transport by water contributes to a liveable, safe and accessible city for everyone. It also provides the solution for guaranteeing the logistical flows of Amsterdam. At the moment, there are 32 locations in the city for loading and unloading from the water. Of these, 6 are exclusively for transport, which is done via pallets or roll containers. The majority of these locations also have other (user) functions, for example as boarding points for passenger shipping. 


Potential loading and unloading locations

For the implementation plan, the municipality conducted an inventory of the embarkation and disembarkation locations in Amsterdam that currently exist but may formally only be used for passengers. This showed that a large number of these locations are so spacious that they are also suitable for pallets and/or roll containers. This means that with an adjustment to the current traffic decrees, approximately 70 additional loading and unloading locations could be realized for waterborne transport. In addition, there are approximately 23 locations where, with limited interventions, more space can be created for goods logistics. Examples include moving bicycle racks, removing thresholds or constructing a ramp. This brings the potential number of additional loading and unloading locations to approximately 90. 


ALC and accessibility

The city of Amsterdam therefore has plenty of opportunities to stimulate transport by water, on the way to a sustainable city that is and remains accessible. Designed with green logistics in mind, we are very satisfied with this development. This initiative by the municipality emphasizes that logistics by water is the transport of the future. To stay ahead, companies must continue to adapt, also when it comes to how they organize their logistics in the city. Situated directly on the North Sea Canal, ALC offers its users a unique location for optimal logistics and business operations.


Looking for a unique last mile for your logistics? 

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