With the tightening of the 7.5 ton zone, stricter rules for heavy traffic in Amsterdam are expected to apply as of October 1, 2021. The aim of the tightening is to reduce peak loads on vulnerable bridges and quay walls, and to make the inner city safer. The tightened rules apply to the entire area within the s100. 


With this development, it becomes even more important to focus on alternative forms of transportation to provide businesses and consumers in the inner city with goods and packages. Think of transport by water, which is much more sustainable, efficient and safe than transport by road. With its multimodal design, Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub (ALC) is perfectly equipped for this. The facility has a private 180-meter quay with sufficient loading and unloading docks for (electric) boats, which can be in the city center within 7 minutes sailing time. With its unique last mile location, ALC is the perfect place for transporting packages via smaller road transport such as (electric) vans and bicycle courier. ALC is equipped with over 200 charging stations for various forms of transportation. By encouraging partnerships within the hub, users of ALC can collaborate smartly for the delivery and return of packages.


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