Construction Update Week 22

The last weeks we worked hard again and the results are impressive. The floor of hall 3 has been sealed, the air installation of the first office floor has been completed and work has continued on the installation of the pillars of the office facade. In addition, the columns of the circulation system at […]

Construction Update Week 17

The highest point has been reached with the installation of the first channel plates of the roof of the office floors. In addition, a few hundred metres of sprinkler piping have already been installed in the first hall and, to conclude the week, everything is ready to start with the profiles of the curtain wall […]

Construction Update Week 8

Despite several storms, there is no damage and the contractor has been able to continue building undisturbed. As a result, the first floor of the second hall is now ready. In addition, work has started on the concrete cores and mezzanine floor of hall 1 on the south side.

Construction Update Week 6

For two of the three logistics halls, the concrete columns have reached the full depth of the halls at ground level, and the steel structure on the first floor of these halls is now 50% complete. In addition, a start has been made with the foundations of the last zone of the parking levels and […]

Construction Update Week 5

Last week, we started both with the columns of the office floors and with the construction of the site drainage. In addition, the cladding on the north side is already at the level of the office floors. Did you also know that via the livestream on our website you can watch the construction […]

Construction Update Week 4

Various concrete and fire walls of the lower logistic halls have been placed, this in combination with the concrete floors above, makes the scale of the spaces increasingly visible. The concrete floors of halls 1 and 2 at a height of 13 metres are already halfway in place and the first bays of the steel […]

Construction Update Week 3

The concrete floor of the future roof garden is now largely complete! In addition, the first concrete wall panels around the docks have been placed at a height of 13 metres. The concrete structure of the first parking levels on the office side has also been placed; these will be placed around the logistics building.

Construction Update Week 50

In the first logistics hall, the concrete structure already reaches halfway the depth of the hall. In addition, the steel construction of the upper logistics halls has been started and the end of the excavation of the foundations is in sight. Only the circulation area on the north side still needs to be equipped with […]

Construction Update Week 49

As you may have noticed, it rained a lot in Amsterdam last week. Despite the flooding, the groundworkers and concreting crew were able to excavate and pour many piles and foundation beams. The structural steel beams for the floor of the first office storey are halfway up and the first columns for the floor of […]

Construction Update Week 48

Last week, several developments took place. For example, 4 of the 5 concrete cores have reached the floor of the office floors at a height of 27 metres. Also this week, the first structural steel beams for the floors of the office floors have been placed and a start has been made with the placement […]