Construction Update Week 40

Construction update from the fog! This week we started pouring the sprinkler basement. The floor on the first floor is now completely installed over the width of the first row. Also some loading docks for this floor have arrived. We are now at 5291 driven piles, on to the last 5%! See you next week

Construction Update Week 39

The last piles! This week was all about further building up the prefab. The first floor panels of the next stories were partly installed, which means we’re getting closer and closer to the top! Furthermore, the last piles of the building were driven this week. The only piles left are those of the bypass. Next […]

Construction Update Week 38

Construction update from the mezzanine   The fall protection is in place… That means that we can watch the construction from the mezzanine floor. What a view! The construction of the precast elements continues at a steady pace. Meanwhile, the cross beams are placed on the structure so that we can start with the floors […]

Construction Update Week 37

Construction update from the heights! This drone shot shows it well: the framework of the building is standing! In fact, the entire first row of the building has been completed for the first floor. Both the columns, elevator shafts and the first mezzanine floor sections have been placed in the work. Also, the entire sheet […]

Construction Update Week 36

New week, new construction update! This week a lot has happened and changed visually. Across the entire width of the building, 2 rows of columns have been placed, and the first layer of 2 of the 4 elevator cores has been constructed. The floor is now being placed over these columns. After this we can […]

Construction Update Week 35

We are going fast! The week got off to a good start. The construction crew has been reinforced by a second group of builders. The result? The columns are going up quickly. The 2nd elevator core is built and also the first channel plates and cross beams are placed. The quay on the east side […]

Amsterdam makes room at the quays for transport over water

In Amsterdam, the quays will once again be used for what they were intended. Not for parking cars, but for transport over water. This will restore the logistical function of the quays, which disappeared with the arrival of motorized freight traffic. Park-free canals The new plans for parking-free canals focus on the original function of […]

Construction Update Week 34

Up we go! After months of piling and pouring foundations, we finally went up this week! We started building up the prefab element in elevator core number 3 of the building and we continue working towards the east side of the building. On this side, we also started pounding the quay this week. We’re making […]

Tightened rules for heavy traffic in Amsterdam

With the tightening of the 7.5 ton zone, stricter rules for heavy traffic in Amsterdam are expected to apply as of October 1, 2021. The aim of the tightening is to reduce peak loads on vulnerable bridges and quay walls, and to make the inner city safer. The tightened rules apply to the entire area […]

Construction Update Week 33

While we are still celebrating last Monday’s big news, the construction work continues steadily. The total of piles now stands at 75%, which means the end is in sight. This week we also assembled the crane, which will be used next week to install the prefab columns and piles in the building. This means that […]