Construction Update Week 47

In the north facade, the precast concrete facade elements around the docks have been placed. All concrete columns on the north side have reached the office floors at a height of 27 meters, and the placement of the fourth row of columns has been started. This week, also the first foundations of the parking layers […]

Construction Update Week 46

The first two concrete cores for the stairs and elevators have reached the level of the first office floor at 27 meter. The wide plane floors and precast concrete T-pieces around the dock levellers at ground level have been placed. In the north facade, the steel profiles between the concrete columns have been set, so […]

Construction Update Week 45

Clever concrete work by the men from Voorbij and Vroom. They have completed the piling work. That means all 5,600 piles have been driven into the ground! A new milestone for the team. This week we started placing the floor in the sprinkler cellar. After this, it can be filled with water. We also started […]

Construction Update Week 44

Almost all the columns of the halls are now ready. In addition, the first steel profiles have been placed, and the first concrete columns of the second layer of the logistics halls have been placed at 13 metres height. The sprinkler cellar is ready and the last three days of pile driving have started. Next […]

Construction Update Week 43

The first 930 m2 floor has been laid for the logistics halls at 13 metres height! The work in the sprinkler basement is as good as finished. And… the last week of pile driving is approaching, which means that after next week all 5600 piles will be in the ground! A strong foundation to build […]

Construction Update Week 42

At ground level, the first floors have been poured for the loading docks. We are also placing walls in the building to create partitions between the various spaces. The building is taking shape! The work also continues downstairs. In the sprinkler cellar, the foundations have been poured.

Construction Update Week 41

This week we started placing columns in the second staging area of the building. This is going faster than expected! In fact, the placement of the floor on the next storey has already started. Also, the first twenty loading docks have been placed on the second floor, where trucks can load and unload in the […]

Construction Update Week 40

Construction update from the fog! This week we started pouring the sprinkler basement. The floor on the first floor is now completely installed over the width of the first row. Also some loading docks for this floor have arrived. We are now at 5291 driven piles, on to the last 5%! See you next week

Construction Update Week 39

The last piles! This week was all about further building up the prefab. The first floor panels of the next stories were partly installed, which means we’re getting closer and closer to the top! Furthermore, the last piles of the building were driven this week. The only piles left are those of the bypass. Next […]

Construction Update Week 38

Construction update from the mezzanine   The fall protection is in place… That means that we can watch the construction from the mezzanine floor. What a view! The construction of the precast elements continues at a steady pace. Meanwhile, the cross beams are placed on the structure so that we can start with the floors […]